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Let's Get Your Modeling Package Schedule

Booking form is best, but if you still like to try another way then try:

READ MORE - Rates and Packages
1 HrFor busy executives 1 Hour600
90 MinWhen an hour is not enough850
2 HrOf Pampered pleasure1100
3 HrOf surrender to Ecstasy1400
4 HrOf flirting over dinner and cocktails1600
6 HrOf have your cake and eat it too2000
12 Hrof whatever our heart desires3000
24 HrOf make it last forever4000
Weekendweek-end-get-away (Friday evening to Sunday morning)7000
90 MinLuxury Fantasy TBD1800
Couplesadd/200 per hour
*Please kindly review etiquette to enhance, enjoy and simply make the very best of our time together. These Package Rates are for the complete time, but you are free to shorten the event time, but the donations remains the same.
  1. Select an Package from the dropdown
  2. Select the best START date and time
  3. Fill out the form items(type private if you are not listing your phone)
  4. Add any special requests
  5. Booking form for same days is possible but I suggest use booking form 24/48 hours and use alternate contact method for same day request.

Available 8am-12am(7 days), but if you don't see your time, put it in the request section, and I will work my best to make your Luxury Adventure happen. If I don't get your request when trying to do same day request, make sure you add alternate date and time to secure a spot.

Couples: Add additional 100 per hr on your package.

Book Online Special This Month: Most packages get extra time when booking online.

Notice: Don't forget to check your junk mail if you feel that you have not gotten a response, some mail apps may push  to your junk folder.

Secure Booking Form: All valid request will receive a reservation ID.

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